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Q: How do I get to TaborSpace?

5441 SE Belmont ST
Portland, OR 97215
Phone: 503.238.3904

#15 bus stops across the street, on 55th and SE Belmont
TaborSpace is located inside the beautiful and historic Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church.

Q: How much does Taking Care Portland cost?

We have a $35 minimum suggested donation. We aim to provide a transformative, therapeutic day bringing together community caring, the intention to support, plus a multi-modality approach to therapy utilizing massage therapy, acupuncture, sound therapy, energy work, a food as medicine dinner, and a guest lecture. This experience is easily worth hundreds of dollars, but we are striving to create a survivorship program that anyone can access. While the minimum donation covers much of the cost of producing this amazing healing experience, it does not cover all of it, and many of our participants cannot pay the minimum donation. If able, we encourage you to donate more to help fund future events and community education programs. If our minimum donation is beyond your means, please contact us for scholarship opportunities.

Q: Should I wear anything special?

All massage and acupuncture will be "clothing on" work. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, like what you would wear to a yoga class.

Q: What should I expect from my experience?

Upon arrival and check in, guests will fill out an intake form and be introduced to their massage therapist or acupuncturist. After an intake interview, the group will be guided through a rooted movement meditation. Therapy continues downstairs where guest will receive either massage therapy or acupuncture with live, improvised sound therapy.

Guests and practitioners will enjoy a meal designed from a food as medicine perspective, with local, best-sourced ingredients. During the community meal period, there will be a guest lecturer exploring aspects of cancer survivorship.

Q: What is the duration of the event?

Our integrative therapy events tend to last 4 1/2 hours: this includes ample time to get to know your caregiver, an hour and a half of sound therapy, massage or acupuncture, energy work, guided meditation, a dinner and brief food as medicine lecture, and a local health expert discussing aspects of survivorship. Check in is at 2:30, followed by the lecture, then the therapy part of the day, and then community dinner begins at 6 PM or so. All times are ballpark because sometimes taking care of someone requires a little more time, a little more caring.

Q: Is TaborSpace wheelchair accessible?

Yes! The accessible entrance at TaborSpace is on SE Belmont between 54th & 55th avenues. It is a court yard entrance with a ramp that goes to the main level or the basement. Take the ramp to the main level which is the starting point for the event. After check in and orientation, you can take an elevator to the basement where the massage, acupuncture & sound healing session will start. For accessibility accomodations or questions the day of the event talk to any of our staff.